Organifi Green Juice – Superfood Green Drink Reviews

Hi guys! Welcome to our review for Organifi Green Juice.
Almost everyone knows that Green Juice is a blend made from green vegetables.

So what has Organifi done?

Well, they have simplified the work, time and effort, into a single supplement.
Instead of buying and mixing the ingredients over and over again, you can get Organifi and drink Green Juice every single day. Plus, it contains some ingredients that you are not going to find in your near store, and you can save a lot of time if you are on a daily routine.

Their Three Bottles Pack is commonly used for DETOX and Juice Cleanse.

Works great for those purposes because you can drink it every morning in less than 2 minutes. And the pack last exactly 3 months, which makes it great for a fast Detox routine.

But first lets see the ingredients in Organifi Green Juice

A green algae that contains high proportions of proteins. When dry, contains around %45 protein. This is because it grows in sunny, warm and non deep places, so it can turn %20 of its energy into biomass, which, when dry, it contains %50 protein.

The most popular species of moringa is found in Kerala, India, but it can be found in all the sub-himalayan areas of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.
This plant was discovered by medics without borders between 1974 and 1976. In the last times it has been used for its vitamins and to purify water, but the most popular use is in medicine.

Well you may know Spirulina, and you probably used it in your foods, actually my mom uses it very often even with water. As you may know this is a good source for proteins and the levels of Iron and Calcium in it are super high!
Back in the days, the Aztecs use Spirulina for strength and energy.

This was added for the good properties too, but mostly for the taste

Good source of potassium, fiber, nitrates and antioxidants.
Gives a tasty touch in the mix as well as being a nutritious super ingredient. Acts as a natural sweetener to the blend.

Matcha is a green tea used in many japanese ceremonies and monasteries since Song dynasty. Is a natural antioxidant.

Food prepared from the cotyledons of the common wheat plant. Claims about the health benefits of Wheatgrass range from providing supplemental nutrition, to having unique curative properties.

Withania somnifera, known commonly as Ashwagandha is a plant in the “nightshade” family. It is used as a herb in Ayurvedic medicine for a combination of amino acids, vitamins, and herbs that modulate the response to stress or a changing environment.

This is the root of the Curcuma Longa plant. Contains antioxidants.

For citrus refreshment and to mix all ingredients. It also adds a nice flavor to the whole blend.

Low in calories, naturally fat and cholesterol free, high in electrolytes and potassium, super hydrating. Tasty ingredient too.

This plant is most prized for its sweet fruits, which are used for medicinal purposes and as a sweetener. The fruits are generally sold in dried form, and traditionally used in herbal tea or soup.

What is Organifi?

Is a company founded by Drew Canole, host of the popular blog show,
Green Juice is the company’s only product for now.
They are putting all their investment, time and effort into this supplement.

Cons of Organifi Green Juice

MAIN CON: If you want to make a One Time Purchase then you will need to get the Three Bottles Pack. (One Bottle pack is only available for their subscribers, you can get One Bottle if you subscribe)*
Although if you are going to do a DETOX, then the Three Bottles Pack is perfect for a single 3 months Detox.

Pros of Organifi Green Juice

MAIN PRO: A juice made from those ingredients would be an expensive blend. If you want to drink it every single day to stay on a routine or to make a detox, then you would spend a lot more.

The natural sweeteners are also healthy ingredients: LEMON – BEETS – MINT – MONK FRUIT – COCONUT WATER

Huge % of Antioxidants (anti aging process)
Vegan Product
Gluten Free
Soy Free

Detoxifies the body

How to use Organifi Green Juice

The supplement comes in the form of a powder described as a “gently dried superfood mix”.

Instructions provided by Organifi are the next: Adults: Take 1-2 servings every day, in water or added to your favorite low calorie rice, almond milk or smoothie.

Product contains 30 servings. Each serving is 9 grams.

Where to buy Organifi Green Juice

Organifi offers three different options:

* One Bottle: $47.95 + shipping 1 month supply
* Three Bottles: $129.95 + shipping ($43.32 per package) 3 month supply
* Four Bottles: $149.95 + shipping ($37.49 per package) 4 month supply

– Shipping costs vary from $5 to $15 depending on location.

If you want to try a routine or a Detox with Organic Green Juice every single day, or if you simply want to drink green juice from high quality ingredients and you don’t have a blender, then we highly recommend this product > ORGANIFI GREEN JUICE

*If you want to make a One Time Purchase your first time, then you will need to get the Three Bottles Pack.This is because the One Bottle pack for $47.95 is only available for their subscribers.

We recommend you to purchase the Three Bottles Pack and test it out first! (cost less than blend the same ingredients every single day for Three Months and it’s great for doing a DETOX or a JUICE CLEANSE of 3 months)