Green juice detox

The perfect way to cleanse your system

The struggle to lose weight is something that does not require any introduction. One of the major reasons people abandon their efforts of losing weight is that they cannot cope with the hectic and rigorous demands that this exercise requires. Among the various tactics that people make use of in order to attain a healthy lifestyle, one is that of green juice detox. The efficacy and benefits of this tactic will be discussed shortly. First, we feel that it is prudent to mention the importance of reverting to a healthier lifestyle.

When told to get rid of the excess fats, people often consider it rather offensive. They think that others are judging them based on their appearance. How does it matter what we look like? This is the argument they give. However, they fail to appreciate the concern of the people around them for their health. Obesity is not something that affects your appearance alone. It has rather dire effects on your overall health. A number of dangerous medical conditions have obesity as a risk factor. Therefore, getting rid of the excess fat is important, not just because of your appearance but also for your overall health.

In order to get rid of the excess weight, there are strict diet regimens that people go for. Working out is also an important part of the weight loss process. All these are rather effective measures, but sometimes a little bit of change in your diet plan is warranted. In order to understand why you should go for green juice detox, it is essential to understand the mechanisms of your digestive system.

Why should one endeavor to get their hands on the best green juice possible?

Over time, certain toxic materials get accumulated in your system. Due to this, the digestive system is unable to function properly and the bowel movements are affected. Eradication of fats from the body is slowed down, leading to further accumulation in the system. Thus, a cycle ensues which leads to your attempts of losing weight going down the drain.

It is to prevent this cycle that you need to opt for green juice detox plan once in a while. The plan is such that you have to be on liquid diet alone for five days, following which you can resume your normal diet.

How to go for this plan?

When people hear about green juice detox, they present several problems that they are likely to encounter in the pursuit of the green powder supplement. There is no denying that the green powder supplement does make things easier. It allows you to prepare the juice at any time with ease and convenience. You can carry around the supplement with you, using it as and when you require. However, if you are having trouble finding it, it does not imply that you cannot extract the benefits that this plan has to offer.

There are other ways to prepare the best green juice possible. It will not take up a lot of your time and would serve to accelerate your journey of attaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

We are going to mention some recipes that you can use to acquire detoxification. They take hardly 10 minutes to prepare. All that you would have to do is mix all the ingredients and blend them.

Before we move on to discuss some of these recipes, it is essential that you take some steps before commencing with the plan. First of all, you have to make it certain that you start to distance yourself from artificial sweeteners and a lot of sugar before you go for this plan. When going on a juice diet, it is advisable to refrain from indulging in fruits too much as they are enriched with sugar.

Try to prepare fresh juices as this will provide you with the maximum benefits. The vegan juice cleanse will ensure that your body loses its craving for unhealthy items and develops a liking for healthy stuff.


Green pineapple juice

  • Two stalks of celery
  • Half a cucumber
  • 2 cup spinach
  • 3 cup mint leaves
  • 1 cup pineapple
  • Half a lemon
  • Ginger Zinger

Green apple juice

  • Two stalks celery
  • Half a cucumber
  • 1.5cm ginger
  • Half cup parsley
  • Half lemon
  • One green apple
  • 2 cup spinach

Kale green juice

  • 1.5cm fresh ginger
  • 3 beets
  • 3 carrots
  • Three stalks celery
  • Kale

These are examples of some of the recipes that you can use to prepare green juice detox. There are no fixed ingredients; you can make use of any green vegetable you like. If you are adamant about making use of fruit, go for the one that is not abundant in sugar and is enriched with antioxidants. This will ensure that the fruit also contributes to your goal of losing weight.

If you get a bit tired of the juices and would like something different, you can also make use of the same ingredients to prepare smoothies, ensuring that you use low-fat skim milk for it.


A point to remember

You need to remember that the effects you are going to acquire with the help of the vegan juice cleanse will only prove to be fruitful for you in the long run if you follow a healthy lifestyle. If you go on a juice diet and then give up all the other methods of losing weight, the weight that you lost with the diet would be quick to come back. Therefore, diet and workout are two things that you should not let go of if you are looking to attain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

If you go on the green juice detox diet, you will find that you will not only experience a difference in weight. You will be able to feel a drastic difference in your spirit as well. The toxins have an effect on your overall mood and make you feel worn down and fatigued. Detoxification would allow you to resume work with more zeal.

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