Green juice detox

The perfect way to cleanse your system The struggle to lose weight is something that does not require any introduction. One of the major reasons people abandon their efforts of losing weight is that they cannot cope with the hectic and rigorous demands that this exercise requires. Among the various tactics that people make use... Read More »

Homemade Hair Products

Homemade Hair Products More and more people are inclined towards making homemade products, which is evident by the number of people asking how to make natural makeup or how to make homemade cosmetics. Similarly, some people are replacing their branded shampoos and conditioners with homemade hair products because of toxic ingredients used in the process... Read More »

Juicing recipes for health

When hunger pangs threaten to break your resolve The major obstacle that people face when they are trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle or lose weight is the frequent hunger pangs. It is the waves of hunger that catches them unawares and provokes them to break their resolve and consume items that would be... Read More »

How to Make Body Scrub

How to Make Body Scrub If you’ve ever wondered how to make a body scrub for your skin by using home ingredients, wonder no more as this article has the best body scrub recipes for you for all seasons. Winter wreaks havoc on every skin and most people have to deal with greasy or scaly... Read More »

Paleo Diet Grocery List

When you look into recent times, you will realize that the most talked about diet of the year is the Paleo Diet. However, most people don’t even know what it is. Can you fathom the fact that this diet was the most searched diet on Google in 2013? It is a huge thing to see... Read More »